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BPDC Master Document - Season 7 - Pauper Ravnica Unified

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Block PDC presents...


BPDC stands for Block Pauper Deck Challenge. It is a free Pauper Block Constructed tournament on MTGO and part of the PDC series of events.

Format: Pauper Ravnica Unified (see below)

Who: Anybody with a legal deck is welcome to compete (unless suspended or banned)!

When: Every Monday. Registration opens at 8:30pm ET and Round 1 starts 30 minutes afterwards.

Where: in /join PDC on MTGO and in the Casual > Anything Goes room

Cost: Free! (Prize donations are accepted.)

Tournament Organizer: Polyjak




1st 60 card minimum
1st 15 card sideboard optional
1st proxies of legal cards are allowed
1st all cards must be common (black expansion symbol) in one of the five Ravnica sets:

  • Ravnica: City of Guilds
  • Guildpact
  • Dissension
  • Return to Ravnica
  • Gatecrash


- All regular season events are open to anyone not on the suspended or banned list.

- Participants will meet in /join PDC where the host will direct players to /join BPDC and register (type REG).

- 30 minutes after registration opens, it will close and Round 1 pairings will be posted on this site.

- Events will consist of 3 rounds of Swiss into Top 4 single-elimination brackets. If there are 18 or more players, we will do 4 rounds of Swiss instead. If there are 24 or more players, Top 8 playoffs will occur.

- Set up your match table following these guidelines:

- In the Casual > Anything Goes room
- Match (best 2 of 3)
- Timed for 30 minutes
- Watchable
- Labeled "BPDC Round #" (replace # with the round number)

- It is the responsibility of both players to ensure match tables are set up properly!

- PM your opponent at the beginning of the round. If a player does not report for a match within 10 minutes, he/she forfeits the entire match. Please also PM the event host if your opponent is not responding. (This player will be dropped.)

- Intentional draws (IDs) are not allowed.

- Report illegal decks to the event host. Offending players will be issued a match loss during Round 1 only, and allowed to replace the illegal card(s) with basic lands for the remainder of the event.

- An illegal deck spotted after Round 1 will result in an event disqualification and an official warning.

- At the end of your match, please report your score (W 2-0, W 2-1, L 1-2, L 0-2) in /join BPDC. Every player must post a result, win or lose!

- If you need to drop from the tournament, you must type 'DROP' in /join BPDC. Failure to report drops will result in an official warning.

- Please note: Altering your decklist between matches is illegal and will result in disqualification and an official warning.

- All players are highly encouraged to post decklists following the event, but Top 8 participants are required to do so.


- Participants must post a decklist in Gatherling in order to earn season points

- each Swiss Match Win earns 3 points
- each Swiss Match Loss earns 1 point

- 1st place earns 10 points
- 2nd place earns 7 points
- Top 4 earns 4 points
- Top 8 (if applicable) earns 2 points


- Watchers are expected not to chat in other games but in /join PDC only.

- Players are requested to contact the event host via private messaging to report a concern regarding player conduct.

- The event host is not responsible for making judgments based on game play situations. The host will not enter a match table and tell players what to do. The host is a facilitator, not a judge.

- The host reserves the right to preserve the integrity of the tournament.


- In the event of a server crash or other technical difficulty, the tournament will be delayed for no more than 30 minutes total.

- An announcement on the appropriate event thread will be used for tournament communication during the delay.

- Once the technical difficulties have ended, an announcement will be made on the appropriate event thread, and players will have 10 minutes to rejoin the tournament.

- If the tournament is canceled during Swiss play, no prizes will be awarded.

- If the tournament is canceled during playoffs, players in the playoff brackets may seek each other out and finish their matches at a later date. In that case, both players must report the results to the tournament organizer for it to be a valid match.

NOTE: Wizards of the Coast, Magic Online and boards administrators do not provide any support for this event. Participate at your own risk.
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