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Peasant Rules and General Information

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Registration opens at 8:30 PM EST, Round 1 begins approx 30 minutes later. Players arriving late may not be allowed to join; doing so is at the host's discretion.

Open to all, no cost to enter!

To play, type "/join PEZ" in any text window. (Registration and reporting in /join PEZ_Results.) Games will take place in the Casual -> Anything Goes room.


Peasant is starts off like Pauper, an all-commons format. But with two exceptions:

1. Although most of the deck must be made of commons, Peasant allows 5 uncommons in the deck + sideboard. (So you can have 3 uncommons like Serra Angel in the main deck and 2 uncommons like Chill in the sideboard.)
2. Unlike Pauper Magic which uses Online rarities, Peasant uses Paper-printed rarities, as shown in Gatherer. Every card is legal at its lowest commonality of any printing online OR offline. So if you want to use Hypnotic Specter as one of your 5 uncommons, that's acceptable, even though it was never an uncommon online. See the list below for all cards that have lower offline rarities than online.

Decks otherwise follow usual constructed rules of max 4 copies per card, minimum 60 card decks, with an optional 15 card sideboard. Players must use the same deck + sideboard throughout the tournament, with no changes. If a player is discovered to have an illegal deck, they will receive a match loss for that round and have the opportunity to replace the illegal cards with basic lands before the next one.

Banned Cards:
The following cards are not allowed.

* Any card priced higher than $10 according to MTGOTraders. (Currently Force of Will, Mana Drain, Bazaar of Baghdad)
* Atog
* Cranial Plating
* Demonic Consultation
* Demonic Tutor
* Skullclamp
* Tendrils of Agony
* Black Vise

Watch List:
The following cards are allowed in your deck, unrestricted. However, they are being watched as potentially troublesome and may be banned in the future. (Or automatically if their price goes over $10.) Acquire them at your own risk.

* Strip Mine
* Land Tax
* Recall
* Channel

Cards with higher online rarities than offline


This support is sponsored by MTGOTRADERS.

1st: 7 Credits
2nd: 4 Credits
3rd: 2 Credits
4th: 2 Credits
5th-8th prizes may be available depending on the host and their supply. Donations are always welcome.
A door prize may be offered at the hosts discretion. The door prize is given to a random participant who played all the swiss rounds but did not make the cut to top single-elimination brackets.

NOTE: In order to receive the prize credits from MTGOTraders, the top 4 players should PM the host with their valid e-mail address. Prize-earning players are also required to submit their decklists as a response to this thread within 48 hours of the event's start. (It is encouraged, but not required, for other players.) Failure to do so will forfeit the winners' eligibility for prizes and season credit.

Wizards of the Coast, Magic Online and boards administrators do not provide any support for this event. Participate at your own risk. Check the PRE FAQ for other questions and answers.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will run 3 or 4 rounds of Swiss with a cut to top 4 or 8. The exact format will be announced by the host at the start of the event, depending on the turnout. Matches are played in the Anything Goes room. Pairings and results will be announced as a response to this thread, with pairings also announced in the PEZ room.

Players are required to post their results in PEZ_Results whether they win or lose, in the following format: "W 2-1" or "L 0-2". If you wish to drop from the tournament, you are also required to announce that in PEZ_Results. Other relevant information such as "My opponent didn't show up" or "Win due to timeout" is acceptable, but otherwise conversation should be kept to the PEZ channel. PEZ_Results is only to be used for results.

Matches are created

* In the Anything Goes room.
* Using the Freeform filter.
* Best 2 out of 3 Match.
* 30 minutes per player
* Allow watchers
* With "PEZ Round X" in the Comments field.

Either player in a match can create the table, and it is the responsibility of both players to verify that it is set correctly. Please PM your opponent if he doesn't join, as it is easy to miss a round start. Notify the host if there is no response from them within 2 minutes. After 10 minutes, absent players will be given a match loss.

Host: Amar or Arnnaria

Season Points
Players are awarded:

* 2 points for event participation
* 3 points for each match win or bye
* 1 point for making the top bracket cutoff

The season championship will be announced several weeks in advance. Participation will be limited to the top 32 ranking participants.

Player Conduct

* Players are expected to follow widely-accepted guidelines for conduct to maintain a fair and civil playing environment.
* Watchers are expected not to chat in other games, unless they have the permission of both players.
* Watchers must respect the wishes of players.
* Players are expected to only use the PEZ_Results chat window for posting results.
* Players are requested to contact the host via private messaging to report a concern regarding player conduct.
* The host reserves the right to use widely-accepted disciplinary measures to enforce these guidelines. This includes warnings, disqualifications, bannings from future events, and in extreme cases asking Wizards to invoke stronger actions.
* The host is not responsible for making judgments based on game play situations. The host will not enter a match table and tell players what to do. The host is a facilitator, not a judge.
* In the event that a bug on Magic Online affects game play, please contact the host.
* All decisions made by the host are final. The host is ultimately held accountable for successes and failures by the PRE Community. Positive and constructive feedback is appreciated via Wizards Boards private messaging.

Thanks to Polyjak, Tusker, and GravespawnGoddess for their work on the basis of these Tournament Rules.
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PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2010 5:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This thread is out of date. Please see the latest season thread for more information.
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