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Peasant Season 14 master document

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:40 am    Post subject: Peasant Season 14 master document Reply with quote

Pez Season 14

Pez is FREE to enter, open to all, playing Peasant Magic (a format that predates Pauper and even MTGO). Newcomers are always welcome.

Registration officially opens at 7:30 EST, closing promptly at 8pm EST. Matches start shortly after.

To register, log in to Gatherling and look for this event under the "PREREGISTER FOR EVENTS" section of the Player CP. Registration should be open no later than 7:30 EST. Gatherling will immediately confirm for you if you are registered. Do not be late however, it closes promptly at 8. If you think you may be late, check the site early to see if registration is open. Or try to contact the host. You must have a decklist in gatherling Before the event begins in order to recieve a pairing. Uncommons must be listed in your Comments section.

In game, type "/join Pez" in any window. It will open up the Pez chatroom where you can see announcements and chat with other players.

Peasant starts off like Pauper, an all-commons format. But with two exceptions:
  • Although most of the deck must be made of commons, Peasant allows 5 uncommons in the deck + sideboard. (So you can have 3 uncommons like Serra Angel in the main deck and 2 uncommons like Chill in the sideboard.)
  • Unlike Pauper Magic which uses Online rarities, Peasant uses Paper-printed rarities as shown in Gatherer. Every card is legal at its lowest commonality of any printing online OR offline. So if you want to use Hypnotic Specter as one of your 5 uncommons that's acceptable, even though it was never an uncommon online. See here for all cards that have lower offline rarities than online.

In the spirit of the format, cards printed as common online but NOT in paper (e.g. in Masters Edition sets) are also allowed.

Decks otherwise follow usual constructed rules of 60 card decks with no more than 4 of any card other than non-basic land, and an optional 15 card sideboard. Players must use the same deck and sideboard throughout the event, with no changes. If a player is discovered to have an illegal deck, they will receive a match loss for that round and have the opportunity to replace the illegal cards with basic lands before the next one. This substitution rule may be modified at the host's discretion for the benefit of newer players.

Banned Cards: The following cards are not allowed.

Watch List:
The following cards are allowed in your deck unrestricted. However, they are being watched as potentially troublesome and may be banned in the future. (Or automatically if their price exceeds $20 at MTGOTraders. Acquire them at your own risk. If you feel a card is dominating the tournament and should be added to the watch list or ban list, please make your case to the hosts for why the card is creating an unhealthy environment.

Top 4: The top 4 players receive gift certificates from which may be used at your convenience. (In appreciation we encourage everyone to consider MTGOTraders whenever buying singles, and to put "Pez" in the shopping card field for "how did you hear about us?")
  1. 7 credits
  2. 4 credits
  3. 2 credits
  4. 2 credits
(Players in the top 4 must ensure the host has their email in order to receive their MTGOTraders gift certificate.)

5th - 8th: Players finishing 5-8 will be awarded 4 cards from the Prize Pool (Please contact BETA FAN later in the week to receive your prize).

Door prize: The host may award a door prize to a random participant who plays through all swiss rounds but didn't make the top 8 cut.

If a top 4 is held instead of a top 8, 5th-8th prizes will not be awarded, but two door prizes will be given instead of one. Card prizes come from the host, so please help by donating 5-8 and door prizes if you can.

Event Structure
  • 8-15 players: 3 rounds of Swiss with a top 4
  • 16-23 players: 3 rounds of Swiss with a top 8
  • 24-39 players: 4 rounds of Swiss with a top 8
  • 40+ players: 5 rounds of Swiss with a top 8
(In the event of fewer than 8 participants, the host reserves the right to cancel the tournament. This almost never happens.)

Additionally, Pez matches have the following rules:

  • Pairings will be posted in Gatherling, as well as announced in the Pez channel.
  • Tables are created in the Casual Play -> Anything Goes room. Either player in the pairing can make the table.
  • Tables must be made using the Freeform filter, "best 2 out of 3", Watchable, and labeled "Pez Round #".
  • If your opponent doesn't join your table, PM them after 2 minutes and PM the host after 5. For a 4-round tournament, a game loss is given after 10 minutes and a match loss after 20. For a 5-round tournament, match loss is given after 10 minutes of no-show.
  • The deck used for round 1 must be used for the entire tournament. Modifications can result in disqualification and banning.
  • After each round, results must be reported in Gatherling Failure to do so could lead to double disqualification.
  • Chatting in the Pez channel is welcome except when the host is making announcements.
  • All players are expected to post their decklist to Gatherling. This must be done before the event starts.
  • Bad sportsmanship or other rules violations may result in match loss, disqualification, suspension, or banning. Offense and punishment will be decided at the host's discretion.


Season Schedule
Players wishing to view previous decklists and winners may browse Gatherling's Metagame listing.

Substitutions may occur, if the scheduled host is late it should be OK for any experienced hosts to step in. If someone would like to gain experience hosting Player-Run Events, feel free to contact Malum on these forums or in-game.

Season Points and Standings

Players will be awarded the following points for event attendance and performance:

  • Match Win: 3 points
  • Attending an Event: 2 points
  • Top 8 Appearance: 1 point

(Players who fail to post their deck list will receive no points for that event.)

The top 32 finishers for the season will be invited to the season championship event. Additionally, the Last Chance Qualifier held the week before Championships will award 2 Champs invitations, passing down but no lower than the top 4.

Pez Season 14 Season Points
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There hasn't been an event for the past couple weeks, and peasant hasn't showed up as an upcoming event since last weekend. Is peasant dead?

(sorry if I shouldn't post this here, just curious)
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